Would You Like A Surefire Way To Learn How To Finger Tap  Like A Pro Rock Or Metal Guitarist..
How about a step by step blueprint that makes you an expert guitar tapper..

Dear Guitar Player,

Do you finger tap on guitar? I really hope you do.

Maybe you would like to finger tap, but you can’t find the right resources to properly learn. I can totally relate as I was once in that same situation myself.

Back in the 80′s, I remember saving up for my first electric guitar…I had no interest in spending my allowance on video games. At 9 years old, I was determined to become the next rock guitar sensation.

The problem was that boring books did not help me, and private guitar lessons were too costly at the time. I practiced hours a day until I became a solid guitarist and eventually moved on to study with some of the top guitar teachers in the country. It was truly inspirational and a great learning experience.

After months of hard work and research, I’ve put together the most complete system on finger tapping to hit the internet. You will NOT find this one-of-a-kind system anywhere else.

Our step by step videos make learning finger tapping a breeze..


Finger tapping is by far the coolest technique on the guitar. The problem is that tons of guitar players DO NOT use proper technique, are limited in their tapping ability, and lack creativity. I’ve seen hundreds of guitar players over the years — at guitar stores, concerts, rehearsal studios, lessons, and so on. Many of these players try to do finger tapping like a pro, but fail. I’ve seen many players who are also STUCK playing the same tapping licks over and over.

Pretty frustrating, right? You bet, my friend.

Now is the perfect time to stop trying how to master finger tapping by yourself. Let me help you.

Put the pressure, frustration, and “stock licks” to and end.

What if there was a different, unique guitar system online that is crafted to develop your playing technique? A system that teaches you the many aspects of finger tapping, and how to apply it to your overall playing? Having a system that you can access 24/7 from the comfort of your computer, mp3 player, or while hanging out at the beach.

Imagine learning a complete system through videos, audio and written lessons. This all comes in one amazing package that will dramatically improving your guitar technique.

Well my friend, you ARE in the right place at the right time!





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Finger Tapping System

SECTION 1: Finger Tapping Foundation & Applications

Lesson #1: Introduction to Finger Tapping
Lesson #2: How to Finger Tap Properly
Lesson #3: Finger Tapping Warm-Ups Pt. 1
Lesson #4: Finger Tapping Warm-Ups Pt. 2
Lesson #5: Finger Tapping Warm-Ups Pt. 3
Lesson #6: Tapping Pentatonic Scales
Lesson #7: Tapping Major & Minor Scales
Lesson #8: Tapping Chromatic & Harmonic Minor Scales

SECTION 2: Developing Your Finger Tapping Style

Lesson #9: Tapping While Bending
Lesson #10: Tapping While Bending Licks
Lesson #11: Tap Harmonics
Lesson #12: Tap Harmonic Licks
Lesson #13: How to Tap with a Pick
Lesson #14: Tremolo Tapping
Lesson #15: Tremolo Tapping Licks
Lesson #16: Using Slides with Finger Tapping
Lesson #17: Other Cool Finger Tapping Tricks
Lesson #18: Enhancing Leads/Solos with Finger Tapping
Lesson #19: How to do Flashy Two-Hand Tapping

SECTION 3: Finger Tapping Etudes, Arpeggios & Exercises

Lesson #20: Two-Hand Tapping Etude 1
Lesson #21: Two-Hand Tapping Etude 2
Lesson #22: Playing Tap Arpeggios Pt. 1
Lesson #23: Playing Tap Arpeggios Pt. 2
Lesson #24: Finger Tapping Drills/Exercises Pt. 1
Lesson #25: Finger Tapping Drills/Exercises Pt. 2

SECTION 4: Finger Tapping in Different Styles

Lesson #26: Rock Finger Tapping Licks Pt. 1
Lesson #27: Rock Finger Tapping Licks Pt. 2
Lesson #28: Metal Finger Tapping Licks Pt. 1
Lesson #29: Metal Finger Tapping Licks Pt. 2
Lesson #30: Neo-Classical Finger Tapping Licks Pt. 1
Lesson #31: Neo-Classical Finger Tapping Licks Pt. 2

SECTION 5: More Finger Tapping Tricks!

Lesson #32: Chordal Tapping – Major Chords
Lesson #33: Chordal Tapping – Minor Chords
Lesson #34: Tapping with Chord Progressions Pt. 1
Lesson #35: Tapping with Chord Progressions Pt. 2
Lesson #36: Ascending Taps Technique
Lesson #37: Descending Taps Technique
Lesson #38: Tapping with Chords and Melody
Lesson #39: What is 8 Finger Tapping?
Lesson #40: 8 Finger Tapping Ideas
Lesson #41: Percussive/Harmonic Tapping
Lesson #42: Tapping with Alternate Tunings
Lesson #43: Putting it all Together

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Finger Tapping System